I am writing to thank you for your workshop you presented to parents and staff at the Bowdoin College Children's Center on preventing power struggles. Your suggestions have been very helpful with my 4 1/2 year old son. I especially benefited from the discussion about making physical contact before making a request. It makes so much sense and it really works (most of the time) :). I also wanted to tell you that it was so refreshing to have you, as a professional and expert, be so open and honest about your own struggles. I think mothers in general don't always disclose the "bad days," which contributes to the inaccurate perception that "everyone else" is handling these struggles with ease.


Katie really covered a lot of stuff well within a 2 hour period, and incorporated questions from parents into her presentation. I need to remember the empathy piece and that it can go both ways between my son and me.

-Parent workshop participant

(The media and gender workshop) was super fun and made me see things in another perspective. All the activities were creative, and everyone in my group participated. I would gladly do it again. 

-Amelia, 7th grade